About Integrated Lending Group

Your California Mortgage Loan Team

After moving to Mission Viejo, California with their family in the 1970’s, brothers Anthony and Nick Ingoglia began their careers in the California mortgage industry in the 1990’s. After a decade of working in the industry, they believed they could provide a higher quality lending experience for borrowers than the larger organizations that dominate the California home loan market.

Nick Ingoglia

In 2003, they founded Integrated Lending Group to provide a diverse selection of mortgage products, high quality service and a more transparent loan process to their clients. Through several California real estate cycles, the brothers have remained a consistent presence in the mortgage loan market.

By focusing exclusively on the California real estate market, Nick and Anthony have become among the top performing and most recommended mortgage brokers for California borrowers. Today both brothers continue to live with their own families in Southern California. Through dedication, honesty and a strong work ethic, they’ve built Integrated Lending Group through generations of client referrals. 

Anthony Ingoglia

Today the brothers have hundreds of 5 Star reviews that span 20 years of putting their client’s best interests first.

Anthony and Nick continue to view a new California home loan as an opportunity to develop a long term relationship. Integrated Lending Group works with several mortgage lenders and investors to help borrowers find