Tips For Getting a Mortgage When You’re Self Employed

Obtaining a mortgage when you’re self-employed poses unique challenges in California or any state. However, with a strategic approach, it’s entirely possible. Self-employed Californians typically face increased documentation requirements to demonstrate predictable income and financial stability. Below are some tips to help self-employed borrowers:

mortgage loan for self employed borrowers in california

Maintain a Strong Credit Score: Keeping a good credit score significantly influences approval and loan terms.

Organize Your Financial Records: Keep detailed financial records, including all bank statements, tax returns for at least two years.

Report All Your Income: Accurately reporting your income including cash or 1099 income, on your tax returns will help you avoid complications during the mortgage application.

Minimize Deductions: Claiming business deductions is crucial for most business owners and part of the benefit of being self-employed. However, be aware that lenders will assess eligibility based on taxable income, which could be much lower if you are using excessive deductions.

Consider a Co-Signer: If you financial situation is not as stable as you would like, consider getting help from a co-signer that has more stable income and stronger credit.

Be patient and try to understand that the mortgage application process can be longer for self-employed borrowers due to increased documentation requirements. Always seek professional advice from a mortgage broker who has experience with self-employed borrowers. These professionals can be invaluable in improving the outcome of the loan application process.

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