Understanding What Makes a Home “Smart”

Smart Homes are becoming more common and are clearly a trend that will continue in the California housing market. Smart Homes are homes equipped with advanced technology that can automate and enhance daily living. These homes are interconnected with tech devices that allow the homeowners to control and monitor them remotely.

Below are a few features that can be found in Smart Homes in California:

  • Home Automation that allows technology to automate some tasks. Examples include controlling lighting, thermostats, security systems and household appliances.
  • Voice Control which allows users to command and manage smart home systems through voice-activated platforms like Alexa, Google Assistant, Siri and others.
  • Security and Surveillance systems that offer a comprehensive approach to keeping your home and family safe. With these systems alerts and notifications can provide real-time updates on potential security threats.
  • Energy Efficiency is a high priority for Californians! Smart Home technologies help users monitor and adjust energy usage which can result in reduced energy consumption and a highly desirable lower utility bill.

As you can see there are many benefits to Smart Home technology including energy savings, improved security, remote access and personalization. As home technology continues to progess we can expect more sophisticated products that offer even more benefits to California homes.

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