Investment Property Mortgage

An investment property mortgage is a home loan used for rental or income producing properties. There are many ways to qualify for this type of mortgage. The loan limit for an investment property mortgage depends on how the loan is qualified. 

The various ways to qualify for an investment property mortgage are mentioned on this websites other pages. Those qualifying methods include traditional methods of W2’s and tax returns also known as a Qualified Mortgage, bank statements or with the DSCR program. 

Investment property mortgages usually have stricter requirements than mortgage for your primary residence. You will need to have a higher down payment and less debt to qualify for this type of loan.

If you are seeking a mortgage loan for a California investment property, the team at Integrated Lending Group can help guide you to the best loan, term and rate! The mortgage professionals at Integrated Lending group have over 20 years of experience helping borrowers finance California investment properties.

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