Stated Income Mortgage

A stated income mortgage is one that is qualified by the borrower stating their income. This type of mortgage requires excellent credit, typically 760+ credit scores as well as a large percentage of equity and large reserve assets such as cash in the bank, IRA’s, 401K’s and brokerage accounts.

This is only one type of loan product available for non traditional mortgage needs. The professionals at Integrated Lending Group have helped self-employed borrowers in California for more than 20 years.

Our programs available for Self Employed borrowers include:

  • No Tax Returns or 4506T transcripts required
  • 3/12/24 months of business or personal bank statements
  • Low fixed rates up to 90% Loan to value with no MI
  • 40 year terms with interest only payment options
  • No Prepayment penalties

Theresa A.
Theresa A.San Diego, CA Read More
“Superb service from Anthony! My husband and I greatly appreciated the level of service and PROFESSIONALISM Anthony afforded us all the way from start to closing. Thank you for everything!”
John O.
John O. Mission Viejo, CA Read More
“A pleasure to work with! Nick was so EASY TO WORK WITH and we truly felt that he had our best interests at heart. He was always available to answer questions. He got us a GREAT RATE with very little cost or effort on our part. Thanks Nick!”
Jerry B.
Jerry B.Lake Forest, CA Read More
“Great service! We had a very good experience with Anthony and recommend ILG highly. Anthony was INFORMED, PATIENT, THOUGHTFUL and thorough every step of the way. It was good to have him!”

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