Ventura County Home Loans

Specializing exclusively in the California real estate market, The mortgage professionals at Integrated Lending Group, Nick and Anthony Ingoglia, have diligently established themselves as highly praised mortgage brokers catering to borrowers across the state.. Both brothers currently reside with their families in Southern California, contributing to the local community they proudly serve. Their dedication, unwavering work ethic, and commitment to integrity have played a pivotal role in the growth of Integrated Lending Group, fostered through multiple generations of client referrals.

Accumulating hundreds of 5-star reviews over two decades, the brothers have consistently prioritized their clients’ best interests, solidifying their reputation as trusted mortgage professionals. Anthony and Nick view each Ventura County home loan opportunity as a chance to nurture enduring relationships with their clients. In the context of the ongoing rise in the average home price/value in Los Angeles and the unique dynamics of the Ventura County real estate market, the expertise of these seasoned professionals is invaluable. Relying on their guidance becomes imperative for making well-informed decisions in a region with distinct real estate challenges and opportunities.

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